The Joint Administrators seek expressions of interest in the business and assets of Durisol UK Limited - In Administration

Key Features

•   Award-winning, British-based manufacturers of Woodcrete ICF building blocks
•   An easy to use, sustainable and thermally efficient construction system
•   BBA certified, technically approved by LABC and compliant as a walling material with current British Building Regulations
•   A unique opportunity to acquire a license for Durisol™ know-how and production rights within the UK, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands and France
•   Turnover: 2021 - £1,68m / 2020 - £1,29m.
•   Gross & net profit / (loss): 2021 – £1,36m, (£361k) / 2021 – £1,23m, (£516k).
•   Operates from leasehold premises in South Wales


•   Assets available for sale include:
•   Established brand
•   Opportunity to acquire licencing rights
•   Goodwill
•   Website
•   Equipment
•   Stock
•   Property lease not available


•   Offers are required by 14:00hrs on 16 May 2022 with a view to completion shortly thereafter
•   Proof of funding required
•   All interested parties will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement

Contact Details

Siann Huntley
Leonard Curtis