BUSINESS AND ASSETS SOLDSpecialised Pipework Company

Leonard Curtis are seeking parties interested in the business and assets of a Company that trades as a Construction Company specialising in Utility Pipelay.

Key Features

•   Based in the North West
•   24 month turnover to December 2022 of £22m
•   Estimated turnover for next 12 months of c.£6.5m
•   18 staff


•   Business and Assets available for sale include:
•   Goodwill;
•   Plant and Machinery including unencumbered Plant and Machinery;
•   Office Fixtures and Furniture;
•   Motor Vehicles;
•   Office Furniture and Equipment;
•   Book Debt Ledger of c.£1m;
•   Stock and Work in Progress; and
•   Contracts.


•   Indicative offers are required by 12 noon on Monday 27 March 2023 with a view to completion shortly thereafter.
•   All interested parties will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement.
•   Proof of funding required.

Contact Details

Sidhra Qadoos
Leonard Curtis
Riverside House
Irwell Street
M3 5EN
0161 831 9999